The TreeTrekk map, a place for people to record trees when they trek out.
TreeTrekk: a global tree planting mission, inspiring society to trek out and plant trees

Is there tree planting near me?


Tree planting is everywhere*

Trek To a Trillion!

TreeTrekk: a global tree planting mission.

We're teaching everyone to responsiblly plant trees.

It's estimated that 3 TRILLION trees that have been chopped down by humanity.

Tree planting has never been more accessible. You can directly help climate change, combat deforestation and see the progress on the TreeTrekk global map.

Spade and Fork Oak Tree Leaf

How to get involved

  1. Buy a tree from the TreeTrekk Shop
  2. Use the planting guidelines to find a suitable planting location
  3. Use the how to plant guide to plant your tree
  4. Add your tree to the TreeTrekk map, get your What3Words address and certificate
Maple Tree Leaf


Maple Trees
planted since
January 1, 2022
Spruce Tree Leaf


Spruce Trees
planted since
January 1, 2022
Oak Tree Leaf


Oak Trees
planted since
January 1, 2022
Birch Tree Leaf


Birch Trees
planted since
January 1, 2022
Willow Tree Leaf


Willow Trees
planted since
January 1, 2022
Other Tree Leaf


Other Trees
planted since
January 1, 2022
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Love your Earth

The climate emergency is an unseen pandemic: left unchecked, it will be deadly.

As a responsible society we need to accelerate towards becoming carbon-positive and there no better time to get serious about climate change than right now.

There are many places to buy trees online, including the TreeTrekk Store, or find trees in your local garden center. Follow the planting guidelines to learn how to plant a tree - it's a simple and direct way that everyone can make a difference.

The Mission of TreeTrekk

TreeTrekk aims to bring the world closer, showing humanity that combatting climate change is a collective effort! We encourage you to buy saplings, trek out, and replant the world.

"How can I help climate change?"

The answer is together.

Oak Tree Leaf Birch Tree Leaf Spruce Tree Leaf

Plant Trees, Win Prizes

Every tree you buy from TreeTrekk generates a unique code.

When planting your tree, add it to TreeTrekk including the code to win prizes! Prizes are won for every 1000 trees added to the map with a valid code.

Seed Germinating

How to Plant

Unsure how to get started? Follow our tree-planting guide to help your quest to combat climate change!